Sooooooo close


New Fall Photos


I uploaded a few fall photos as well as a quick video we threw together from Charlie's zero-eth birthday. Login to see the updates.




Charlie at home. He was born on July 20th, and weighed a respectable 7lbs 6oz. He's already over a week old in this video.

We're going to make most of the other Charlie content password protected to keep weird people from looking at it. If we know you, just register (click the "Members" tab up top) and then we'll set it up so you can see everything.

Just signed up for Zipcar and took my first trip the other day. I used it to drive down to Palo Alto for a BBQ with the folks at Voyager Capital. The event was really well done and was a great opportunity to reconnect with some of the other HBS people in San Francisco for the summer. I also got to meet some of the Stanford MBAs and a few local entrepreneurs.

Napa Smart


Lindsey and I took a trip up to Napa this past weekend before my internship started on Monday. We rented a car to tour the vineyards and were a little surprised by what we ended up getting from Hertz.....

Hola Dominicana


Off to the Dominican tomorrow for a bit of vacay. Supposedly the boogie man robs your house if you tell the internet you're going on vacation, so this won't actually be published until we get back.

Anyway, it'll be fun to hang out with the family for a few days and I'll try and keep notes so I can create a travel journal when we get back.

Italy Photos


Lindsey and I are back from Italy and getting ready for the move to Boston. Photos are posted in the SmugMug gallery here.

Boston Bound


According to Google, everyone that decided to go to grad school in 2006 wrote about their experience with the application process and their transition to school. It seems that practice isn’t cool anymore, so I’ll just say that this fall we’ll be moving to Boston and I’m looking forward to spending the next two years earning an MBA.

New Pictures


My server is still exploded and it doesn’t look like it’ll be fixed anytime soon.

The good news is that I have finally gotten around to downloading the pictures from Canada and the honeymoon. I’m in the process of cleaning the photos up a bit, but when I’m done they’ll be available here.