Day 2: Friday


Awoke to delicious coffee and breakfast. After a quick swim to cool down (the cabins became quite hot during the night), we left for Tortola. Mom, Jen and I went ashore and ended up buying some rainbow sandals while Petra took care of immigration- Tortola was our first stop in the BVIs. We had a delicious lunch, grilled chicken salad, and then motor/sailed for an hour and three quarters to Norman Island. Once here we started preparing for our dive instruction. Arno is very serious, but also quite knowledgeable. Our review quickly escalated into complete reinstruction in the complexities of diving, but it was good to know we were in good hands. Dad went down first, followed by Jen as I had mistakenly eaten the grapes that were set out for us. I ended up helping haul all of their gear into and out of the water, but it was nice to see how everything works and is assembled. When my turn came I used every ounce of grace that I had to clumsily get my gear on and then followed Arno down to the bottom. The dive was about thirty feet and we practiced all the usual things like purging masks and valves as well as completely taking your mask off. We swam around for a while seeing everything from small fish and stingrays to coke cans and a dive mask. Then Arno showed me how to maintain a constant depth and even survive at the bottom without a weight belt. All in all I feel quite comfortable with the whole diving process and would like to get my certification when we get back home. We relaxed for a bit longer and then Petra treated us to tuna and pasta for dinner. The pumpkin soup appetizer was even better than the zucchini variety we had last night. Tomorrow we’ll start off with a dive and some snorkeling before picking up anchor and heading somewhere else.

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