Day 3: Saturday


The current this morning was too strong for us to dive where we had originally planned so we motored for a bit to Peter Island. Mom and Dad snorkeled while Jen and I read on the boat. The snorkel trip was apparently not exceptionally interesting so Dad decided that it would be best to postpone the dive for another day. More relaxing ensued. Lunch was grilled chicken wings (they were from Tyson, but I doubt they’ll be near as good if I try to make them at home) and a salad with balsamic dressing. We let lunch digest for a bit and then headed inland to do some exploring. The beach we landed on is not really a beach at all, but a collection of coral chunks and shell pieces that would have surely destroyed our feet were it not for the protection offered by our sandals. Anyway, the not-quite-a-beach had some old wrecked boats and other interesting artifacts that looked as if they were never new; but instead somehow constructed pre-rusted and worn down. The other side of the island contained a nice hotel with a beach for visiting yachtsmen. The rest of the family was looking forward to relaxing on the beach for a bit, but I focused most of my attention on the thrill of being called a yachtsman. When the two hours was up (we had designated a time to meet Arno- the only acceptable use of a watch on vacation) we trekked back to the other side of the island to catch our ride. Arno was just pulling into shore as we emerged from the Caribbean ghetto jungle which was good because there was a very old local man with a cane who seemed nice and excited to talk to us. In truth we didn’t understand a word he was saying. He was really a perfect example of what I had imagined all the local inhabitants looked like, the old ones anyway with four teeth and cataracts. I really wanted to take a picture of him as we pulled away but it seemed awkward and inappropriate. He just stood there on the beach waving to us and yelling something we couldn’t understand with that old person yell that’s really not any louder than a regular voice anyway. Then snorkeling. I forgot my camera, which was a shame because we saw some very interesting coral, quite a few fish, some squid, a stingray, and a sea turtle. I spent as much time scanning the seas in all possible directions for jellyfish as I did looking at actual fish, but managed to have a good time nonetheless. After snorkeling (and Dad’s pitcher of pina colada) was dinner: peppered steaks, baked potatoes, mushroom sauce, and a good red wine. Eventually the conversation turned into the my-first-car-sucked-more-than-your-first car conversation that always happens when old people drink. The stories were funny though and it’s been good to hang out with Arno and Petra. Tomorrow well either stop by another small town or not, and then head to a better place for our scuba dive.

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