Day 4: Sunday


It’s hard to remember where we were when I woke up this morning. I’m pretty sure it was Peter Island. Anyway, after breakfast-muesli, bagels, mangos, etc.-Dad and I hoisted the sail and we set a course for Anagada. We had to postpone the dive again, because there is a weather front coming through in 40 hours so if we were to go to Anagada it had to be today. It took a couple of hours to get here and half the trip was on open water. Dad did most of the steering and he was pretty good at it. I was very excited to finally be sailing on the open ocean and heading for a deserted island. Anagada turned out to be much different then the rest of the BVIs. It is very flat and almost completely deserted (150 inhabitants). The highest point on the island is 30 feet above see level. So after lunch- toasted ham and cheese sandwiches- we rented a car and toured the island. Look at the pictures to see how flat and barren it is. The car was an old Suzuki Samurai, but it was perfect for what we wanted. We drove to Loblolly Bay and swam/relaxed for a while before exploring the rest of the island. The roads looked tame enough, but turned out to be ridiculously bumpy. Back to the trip, we drove through The Settlement (Anagada’s town), saw a lot of cows and goats, and stopped at the bakery that is apparently closed until December (busy season). We met Arno and Petra back at the bar for a drink before going back to Belline II for a shower and supper. The showers were awesome because well be heading to a marina tomorrow and can therefore use as much water as we want. Dinner was also very good: spaghetti bolognese and potato soup. Vanilla mouse made up desert while we tried to explain the American University Greek system to Arno. Today was a good day. Tomorrow we’ll continue exploring Anagada and then head to Virgin Gorda and The Baths.

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