Day 5: Monday


I’m freezing. It’s awesome. We are in the marina at Virgin Gorda so the air conditioning will run all night long. But back to the beginning, we woke up still at Anagada and headed into shore for some more exploring. We cut through the middle of the island and then looped back around. On the way we saw a couple of beaches, tormented a crab, saw a huge barracuda, and relaxed a good bit at Cow Wreck Bay. Jen touched a nasty bone that had been buried in the sand. She’s scarred for life. We returned the car to Dennis and he gave us a lift back to the dock. I bought Lindsey some pottery that was handmade by Dennis’s wife. Back at the dock we phoned Arno to pick us up and then had burgers for lunch. The ride back was a little slower than it had been yesterday as the wind had died down. We also learned that the storm we had been expecting had dissipated so no worries about that. We arrived at Virgin Gorda and hung out for a bit before taking a walk to Little Dix Bay Hotel. The grounds were fairly interesting and there was a hug fig tree. Back at the boat, dinner was shrimp and ravioli. The shrimp was prepared in a very complicated manner that Petra explained to us on a previous night. After dinner, Petra’s friend Monica drove us into The Rock bar for some live music that turned out to suck, but we all had drinks so no one minded. Tomorrow we’ll finally get our dive in (hopefully) and then head to the Baths for some snorkeling.

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