Day 6: Tuesday


I’m retarded. Woke up like normal (to Dad knocking on the hatch above my bed) and then readied the scuba gear for our dive. The only problem was that sleeping with the air conditioning on makes your sinuses swell, which means you can’t equalize, which means you return to Belline II not having scuba dived. Once again, information that would have been useful yesterday! So after a busy morning of not scuba diving Petra packed us a lunch and we caught a taxi to the Baths. We hiked the 350 yards down to the beach and it turned out to be both busy and beautiful. The Baths at Virgin GordaAfter lunch (chicken sandwiches) and some lounging we went snorkeling for a bit. The Baths contained some ginormous boulders and some really gorgeous coral formations. After snorkeling we trekked through the boulder trail and popped out at another, even more beautiful beach. Instead of tourists, this beach was filled with locals. With good reason too: the water was clear, the sand was fine, and the view was incredible. Look at the pictures. 
After the beach, we hauled back through the boulders and then dried off for a bit before hiking back to the parking lot to meet our taxi. We got back to Belline II in the later afternoon, cleaned up, and relaxed in the marina until dinner. I’ve read a couple hundred pages of Harry Potter II today if that gives you any idea of how much relaxing we’ve been doing. It’s great. So after our bit of relaxing and an ice cream break at the marina grocery store we came back to Belline II for dinner. Tonight’s dinner has been my favorite so far- marinated pork tenderloin, bowtie pasta, carrots, and ice cream and cake for dessert. Tomorrow we’re going to try the diving thing again and then we’ll head to Jost van Dyke for our last night.

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