Started the day by finishing off Harry Potter II. Great book. Then had apple pancakes that tasted a little like funnel cakes because they were sweet and cooked in oil. After breakfast I climbed up the mast, with a little help from Arno and Dad, to take some pictures of the boat.
Shortly after, Arno, Dad, and I set off to scuba dive at the aquarium. I had slept with all my windows open, taken a Sudafed, blown my nose about a thousand times, and inhaled the steam off of my coffee to make sure my sinuses were clear. I’m not sure what did it, but the dive went off without a hitch. It really was a beautiful scene. There were boulders, schools upon schools of fish from every color of the rainbow, and more coral than I imagined was possible. The dive lasted 35 minutes and then we headed back to the boat in the drizzle that had started while we were pretending to be Jacques Cousteau. Then it was off to Sandy Spit, which turned out to be a tiny little island owned by Rockefeller so it would remain uninhabited. Mom, Dad, and I went snorkeling while Jen relaxed on the boat. Oh yeah, somewhere on the way we had Cornish Hens for lunch while we waited for a rain cloud to pass over where we were planning to go. So after lunch and snorkeling we motored to Jost Van Dyke for some more relaxing and then dinner. Dinner was quite the event tonight. There was Rackfellete (sp?) cheese that we put in little pans and then melted underneath a special griddle. Once the cheese had melted we poured it over either potatoes or one of the assorted meats that were cooking on top of the special griddle. There were sausages, tomatoes, onions, shrimp, bacon, and sundry other fatty foods. The meal moved at the same pace as fondue, which was nice. We all enjoyed relaxing our way through our last dinner on board Belline II. After dinner we busted out the cigars and rum on the rocks. Apparently I don’t like straight rum yet, but I have been enjoying the wine. We had planned on going into Foxy’s bar, but it closed before we got a chance to go in (around 8:45). Tomorrow we’ll run into the bar for some t-shirts and then make our way to St. John to re-enter the US. After that, we’ll go to St. Thomas to catch our flight back home. All in all this has been a great vacation. Arno and Petra are wonderful and the scenery is fantastic.

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