Bullet Points


I was doing a pretty good job of keeping a journal up until classes started… and then not so much. My effort kind of died, like this guy here. I have however been keeping a bulleted list of the highlights from each day so I’ll hopefully be able to go back one day and fill in the spaces in between. Last Friday’s entry, for example, reads: Test, Semillas, Test, French fries, Contabar, Hyperbar, sleep a lot...which equates to a journal entry something along the lines of:


So today started out with a 2 hour grammar test. Then we went to Semillas (the Women’s foundation in DF) for a site visit and presentation, had lunch, and rounded out the day with another 2 hour test. Needless to say, the first thing us old kids did was find a bar and order a beer. Prem tried to practice his spanish and order chips and salsa at the same time and ended up getting us a plate of french fries. You being literate and therefore moderately intelligent probably already know that they don’t really eat chips, salsa, and Taco bell in Mexico. Now we do too. After the cervezas we headed home for siestas and dinner and then met back up at the school to properly go out for Cory’s 21st birthday. We started with a cantabar (karaoke) and then headed to Hyperbar (the club Prem, Pro, and Suz had been to earlier). Prem’s brother Enrique did a great job of shuttling the 18 gringos around the city and negotiating cover prices with the club owners. Afterwards I took a cab home and slept a lot.

Just so you know what I’ll be writing about next, Saturday and Sunday’s bullet points are… Cuarnevaca, bootleg Episode III, Eli’s, Bar and Chipoltepec park, stupid dog, mercado, shark empanada, shrimp soup, Episode III is Spanish

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