Fuimos al Zocolo y el Templo Mayor. The Mexica were an incredible people, creating a city in the middle of a lake and using a system of chinampas for agricultural. They were also very violent and believed heavily in human sacrifice. We also visited the cathedral and had lunch on top of a building overlooking the cathedral square and el templo. Lunch was incredible (although a little expensive) and the view was gorgeous. After our tours we returned to the school and had a small break before hearing our first speaker. Idya Adler talked to us about the differences in Mexican and American cultures and demonstrated instances where implicit communications can cause difficulties if you don’t know the culture. For instance, in Mexico, if you ask directions and the person doesn’t know an answer they will look away and then make something up to avoid saying “I don’t know”. The look away is the clue that you should then thank them and ask someone else. After the speaker we went to Xochomilca (where they have the canals) and spent some time floating on a pair of boats. Overall it was a great day and my Spanish is improving fairly quickly.

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