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Italy Photos


Lindsey and I are back from Italy and getting ready for the move to Boston. Photos are posted in the SmugMug gallery here.

Started the day by finishing off Harry Potter II. Great book. Then had apple pancakes that tasted a little like funnel cakes because they were sweet and cooked in oil. After breakfast I climbed up the mast, with a little help from Arno and Dad, to take some pictures of the boat.   Shortly after, […]

Day 6: Tuesday


I’m retarded. Woke up like normal (to Dad knocking on the hatch above my bed) and then readied the scuba gear for our dive. The only problem was that sleeping with the air conditioning on makes your sinuses swell, which means you can’t equalize, which means you return to Belline II not having scuba dived. […]

Day 5: Monday


I’m freezing. It’s awesome. We are in the marina at Virgin Gorda so the air conditioning will run all night long. But back to the beginning, we woke up still at Anagada and headed into shore for some more exploring. We cut through the middle of the island and then looped back around. On the […]

Day 4: Sunday


It’s hard to remember where we were when I woke up this morning. I’m pretty sure it was Peter Island. Anyway, after breakfast-muesli, bagels, mangos, etc.-Dad and I hoisted the sail and we set a course for Anagada. We had to postpone the dive again, because there is a weather front coming through in 40 […]

Day 3: Saturday


The current this morning was too strong for us to dive where we had originally planned so we motored for a bit to Peter Island. Mom and Dad snorkeled while Jen and I read on the boat. The snorkel trip was apparently not exceptionally interesting so Dad decided that it would be best to postpone […]

Day 2: Friday


Awoke to delicious coffee and breakfast. After a quick swim to cool down (the cabins became quite hot during the night), we left for Tortola. Mom, Jen and I went ashore and ended up buying some rainbow sandals while Petra took care of immigration- Tortola was our first stop in the BVIs. We had a […]

Day 1: Thursday


We arrived in St. Thomas late last night. We tried to grab a bite to eat at Coco Joes, but the $35 buffet was the only thing available. One of the other hotel restaurants was still open so we enjoyed a quick snack before dinner. This morning we woke up around 9:00 and headed into […]